BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Early winter weather has already caused some challenges, but there are local attractions that depend on it and are starting to flourish with the lower temperatures.

One of them is Buffalo's Canalside Ice Rink, which opened Saturday along with Holiday Valley Ski Resort in Ellicottville

Although Buffalo's Canalside Ice Rink stayed open Sunday until 8 p.m., it will not be open Monday -- or any of the anticipated days in the 50s ahead. Still, though, it's looking better than last year. Last season's mild temperatures closed the Canalside ice regularly.

"Climate change is what it is, so we're fortunate, we have a refrigerated system underneath the ice slab, but when the temperatures get well into the 50s, we get rain, we get sun, there's not a lot we can do," said Thomas Dee, President of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation. "I think that as...you know, our entire city needs to embrace the cold weather better than we do, and not be afraid of it but to embrace it."

Even if just for this weekend, Dee said the timing for the opening worked out well with family being in town for Thanksgiving.

"Around Thanksgiving when all of the ex-pats come back, all of the family members come back to celebrate the holidays, we love to have Canalside vibrant," said Thomas Dee, President of the Erie Canal Harbor Center Development Corporation. "And so we had planned this. It's good for everybody to see that were open. It is good for everyone to see the transformation downtown -- it's a good thing when everyone comes back."