BUFFALO, N.Y. - This year, Thursday at Canalside concerts will cost you $5 to attend. They used to be free.

At Thursday night's 2017 season lineup reveal, Be Our Guest, the Rich Products subsidiary that now runs the concert series, talked about the reasons for the change.

"We think that it is going to work ultimately to the benefit of the people coming down here," said Jonathan Dandes, President of Canalside Management Group.

The money raised will go toward better security and improving the food and drink selections.

Dandes added free tickets will be made available to make the concert series accessible to those who might not be able to take their whole family.

"We're making free tickets available, and with our friends at the United Way, they'll be able to distribute a couple hundred tickets for every show to do precisely that, so we thought we would cover that by making free tickets available."

Some are also concerned about the quality of the lineup itself, a topic that's admittedly subjective.

"Well, yeah, I guess it is subjective We would argue that it is a great lineup, especially as a guy like Gary Clark, who's blowing up and so on here. When we took over this transition , the first thing, the first day, was let's get going on these concerts. And that was January. So we've been really working hard, and maybe we were a little late to the game as to when we won over the bid and so on, but we would argue this is just as strong as anything else," said Dandes.