WEST SENECA, N.Y. — A bullet was found in a West Seneca fifth grade classroom by a custodian Friday night.

The district immediately contacted West Seneca Police, who spent the weekend making sure Allendale Elementary School was safe.

Parents of students who attend Allendale received two robocalls over the weekend alerting them to what happened, and parents who are signed up for district alerts also received e-mails.

"The source of the bullet has been identified, and we feel that we can safely say that there is no threat to the school,” the recorded phone message said.

Superintendent Matthew Bystrak says West Seneca Police swept the school and found no other ammunition.

Bystrak could not identify the student who brought it to school and didn't want to implicate anyone who came forward. He said that credible information and police work led them to quickly identify that child.

"They were actually able to go and interview the individual who did admit to bringing the bullet into school,” he said.

Bystrak said based on that interview, it seemed the child brought the bullet to school to try and show off to a friend, but that doesn't satisfy all parents, some who are left wondering if police checked out the student's house to make sure any firearms are secured.

“We have measures that we would take to make sure the student receives any proper support that they need if they make a lapse in judgment, what I guess I would list this as,” Bystrak said.

In an e-mail sent to families who are signed to receive alerts, the district wrote, "As always, parents are encouraged to regularly empty and review the contents of their children's school bags."

"I'm a parent as well, and I can understand if someone would be concerned about this,” Bystrak said. “You know, from our perspective, I think it's fantastic that we were able to wrap this up so quickly. I think the system works, and I think there was a lot of communication that happened, a very coordinated effort.”

Bystrak was especially grateful for the West Seneca Police Department’s assistance.

School officials will be at Allendale on Tuesday for any families with more questions.