BUFFALO, N.Y. - Buffalo's limbo queen got national attention on Wednesday. Shemika Charles got to show off her skills on the Ellen Show.

Charles holds the record for lowest limbo by a female, 8.5 inches off the floor. She is a two-time Guinness World Record holder. Her latest record was set last year for limboing the longest distance, a little more than 10-feet under 12-inches.

Channel 2's Claudine Ewing has followed Shemika's journey from the start. She spoke with her via Skype about going on the Ellen Show. "It was great," she said, "even after I set my Guinness World Record the goal was to make it on Ellen."

On the show she performed the limbo a few times, including going under a vehicle with drinks on a tray. "She said that I was awesome," said Charles while still beaming about her performance. On the show, she told Ellen "I knew I was going to get emotional, I love you."

It was a dream come true for the native of Trinidad-Tobago.

Bob Diaz, her uncle and trainer smiled with pride. "I never dreamed that our little journey would reach this far."

Shemika was also accompanied by her mom Sherry who participated in the performance.

Charles has seen her videos go viral. She credits her boyfriend Brandon for promoting the videos, "he's awesome for that," she said.

Shemika Charles will continue her specialized art and participate in her family band where she sings and plays an instrument.