Buffalo, NY -- Before a fireworks display, folks descended on Buffalo's Canalside in the setting sun to enjoy the waterfront attraction, which is a perfect viewing site. 2 on Your Side found some newcomers to Canalside and Buffalo and they say they'll be back.

With a Country Western concert from West of the Mark performing Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be An American", the pride in country matched with the pride in community at Canalside.

2 On Your Side met with a newly arrived family from Cleveland who took it all in.

Cate Carreira told us: "Buffalo -- we love it. It's very nice. It's very beautiful. So we're really enjoying ourselves here. There's a lot of people here. It's really alive and fun...it's seems really vibrant."

Others who lived in the area for a while also decided to come down to Canalside for the fun and fireworks.

Here were the first impressions from Amy & Joe Falcone of Orchard Park: "They've done a really great job down here at the Watertfront. We actually just went on a little boat cruise earlier...went on Miss Buffalo...yeah. Just finished eating dinner so I think it's great. I just got back from vacation and I was telling people that were coming here...you need to go downtown to Buffalo to Canalside."

And this year to enhance the festive feeling and in being mindful of incidents in past years, the sense of security for Canalside was bolstered by more uniforms and badges. That included multiple agencies like the Erie County Sheriff's office joining Buffalo Police along with state police, NFTA transit police, and civilian peacekeepers. They all kept watch so all could relax and enjoy the holiday spirit with family and friends.

Angel Nance of Buffalo says: "I think it's important to have the security and make sure everyone here is able to have a good time and enjoy themselves without any unnecessary violence."

They expected to have about 30,000 or more people at Canalside, especially since some other communities like Cheektowaga and Evans did not have fireworks displays this year.