BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A young Buffalo boy, critically ill, needs a new liver to save his life.

Elliot is just two years old, and is being closely watched at Children's hospital.

The toddler has yet to live a normal life; His medical complications began before he was even born, when doctors found a cyst on his liver while mom Debra was still pregnant.

"Basically, he doesn't reproduce bile. Some of us, we have, a wet sponge. Elliot's liver is like a sponge that you leave on the sink for too long,” Debra Smith explained.

Debra is desperate to find a liver donor.

She says a living donor only gives up a piece of his or her liver, and that the recovery process is not too long for a healthy adult.

However, being the right match is the hard part. Elliot needs a donor with O-negative blood, among other things.

"He could possibly not make it, so for the sake of my son, the sake of my family, I need some type of help. I need somebody to come forward so that my son does not die,” Debra said. "Whatever I have to do to save my son's life, I'm going to do it, and that's for any mom, that's for any parent I'm pretty sure.”

Debra says testing takes place at UPMC in Pittsburgh.

  • To schedule an appointment to see if you are a match, click here: https://livingdonorreg.upmc.com/
  • To read more about Elliot’s story and get in touch with the family, click here: https://www.gofundme.com/baby-elliott-needs-a-liver
  • If you are serious about volunteering yourself as a donor and neither of the above links are helping you get where you need to go, you can e-mail Erica Brecher at Erica.brecher@wgrz.com for direct connection with the family.