While big chains might rule the holiday shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving, it is shops like Fern and Arrow in Elmwood Village that bring it home Saturday.

"I actually saved up all of my shopping that I was going to do these past couple weeks because I knew today was coming," shopper Taylor Schupp, said.

Fern and Arrow is one of thousands of locally owned stores feeling the love from their communities this Small Business Saturday.

Six years ago, American Express came up with the idea to shop and eat local on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to help small businesses get ahead.

"It's a day that we have people coming in from suburbs, local people, people who don't necessarily remember that small businesses are here," Joanne Dina, the owner of Fern and Arrow, said.

The rainy conditions of the day did not deter shoppers too much. Plus, Elmwood Avenue shoppers had a ride to get them from shop to shop.

For the second year in a row, Common Council Member Joel Feroleto helped sponsor a free shuttle service along Elmwood and Hertel Avenues. The buses are wheelchair accessible.

"Local businesses are the real life blood of our community and it's so important the job that they do to help the community," Feroleto said. "They really beautify the neighborhood and a lot of them live in the neighborhood. So it's great to support them."

The National Federation of Independent Businesses said Small Business Saturday brings in more than five billion dollars nationwide.

Everyone was getting in on the action this Saturday including New York State Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, who was spotted doing shopping herself at Red Siren in the HARBORCENTER.

"If we don't support them...if we just go online and just go to the malls all the time, they won't be here," she said.

Small Business Saturday hours differ depending on the store. Many Elmwood Avenue stores are open until 7 p.m. Saturday. The shuttle service also runs until 7 p.m.