BUFFALO, NY - Getting parents and students in the Buffalo School District engaged in education -- that was the focus of a meeting for parents Saturday at one local high school.

Families took advantage of information sessions on everything from good health to scholarships for students at East High.

District superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash and Mayor Brown both gave speeches, focusing on what the district calls "The New Education Bargain" with families.

The bargain is a verbal agreement with families to do their part in helping children learn, and the district will do its part.

A portion of the bargain, from the district's perspective, focuses on reducing class sizes in certain grades.

"Given the fact that it is expensive, we're adding additional classrooms, meaning adding additional teachers and other resources that we need for that initiative and that has been part of the plan," said school board president Barbara Nevergold.

Next year's school budget adds 16 classrooms and more than 30 literacy teachers. The reduced class size initiative will focus on students in kindergarten to third grade and try to keep classroom size between 18 and 20 students. Educators hope this will improve learning. The district says it has hopes to reduce class sizes in other grades in future years.