BUFFALO, N.Y. --- Wednesday night, community members came together to try and get some answers in Buffalo's unsolved homicides.

They gathered in the form of a rally at Buffalo's MLK Park. The families of homicide victims organized the event. They aimed to get people to come forward with information that could be used to help solve these crimes.

"The awareness is important to me," said Saprina Wilkins, the mother of a homicide victim. "Nothing has really come up in developments with the homicide department, so what I've been doing is making the community aware of what's going on, making flyers, contacting people."

According to the Buffalo Police Department's Homicide website, the city has 28 unsolved homicides so far this year.

"People have literally become numb to the violence," said Nate Boyd, the son of a 1986 homicide victim. "And that's why it's so important that we do something right now to address this violence. You know, we have money for all different types of things, we need to call this an emergency."