BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The Buffalo Common Council is expected to approve the purchase of new equipment for Buffalo's police officers next week.

This includes new rifles and vests. The gear is different from what the Buffalo PBA requested.

The Buffalo Police Department wants to buy around one-hundred Quad Rail .40 rifles and 450 active shooter vests. The vests are heavier and more protective than what the officers have now.

The union requested AR-15s, but instead will get Glock Quad Rail .40 rifles for supervisor cars. They would be used in active shooter situations.

The PBA president says he'd like to see all officers get Kevlar helmets, too.

“I think what they should have is an active shooter kit in the patrol car. So, you'd have the active shooter vest along with the Kevlar helmet. I mean, ideally, I think really you should disperse the Quad Rail 40 rifles to more than just the shift lieutenants, but, you know, it's a good first start,” says Buffalo PBA President Kevin Kennedy.

The Buffalo Common Council should vote this Tuesday. The new equipment will be paid for with a state grant.