Buffalo, NY - She's a Buffalo girl who holds two Guinness World Records for limbo. Shemika Charles is a viral sensation.

Shemika was recently on an episode of Ellen and just appeared on the Tuesday night episode of "America's Got Talent" here on NBC and Channel 2!

We also caught up with her family at a viewing party in Buffalo to catch all their excitement.

Everybody was watching at the Charles household in Buffalo. Even the fish in the aquarium and they were all waiting for her appearance on the NBC network show.

During her introduction Shemika said limbo runs in the family. Her grandmother and mom were limbo dancers.

And so she did her limbo thing with her Mom Sherry Charles. She is Shemika's inspiration as the whole country found out on the show.

Shemika said: "She had so much to do with it. And my grandmother was even six months pregnant with her and doing limbo. That's how serious she is."

So after a variety of limbo warm-ups on the show, Shemika got serious and passed right under a vintage pickup truck.

Sherry Charles spoke about what she feels while watching her daughter perform.

"All sorts of things going through my mind..her dreams and what she accomplished. And with limbo she's always trying to do something new... she makes sure it's entertaining."

The interview was interrupted by a particular caller who turned out to be Shemika on the phone from Los Angeles. Her message: "I love you Buffalo. I appreciate all the support and messages from everyone. So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. "

It turns out Sherry was there for the show taping with Shemika last month.

Shemika is still in Los Angeles pursuing an entertainment career. And while her family's not able to talk about the final outcome of the show, we do know at least that Shemika will be back for another episode.