The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center is hosting the National Homeland Security Conference this week. The Convention Center hosts a number of events each year but this is a particularly timely event, considering the recent terror attacks.

More than 1,500 people from across the country are expected to pack the place over the three day conference. Among those will be people who deal with public safety, emergency planning and counter terrorism.

Throughout the three day event, they will attend various meetings, presentations and demonstrations to talk about security, preparedness and response.

In addition, the public may notice some demonstrations out in the community by the Sheriff's Office and other units.

Demonstrations are run as a way to showcase local units and equipment and what they are able to handle.

Since Western New York is a border community, law enforcement and public safety from Canada will be taking part in the convention as well.

Channel 2 asked if incidents like recent mass shootings and the tragic terrorism events in England could be covered in the conference. Local officials said they always try to prepare.

"Those types of things have been focused on, have been planned for, have been trained," Comm. Dan Neaverth Jr., from the Erie County Emergency Services, said. "But as you said they are soft targets. So that's why when we are talking about security and involvement of different agencies the number one person as far as security is the individuals. So that's why we're always stressing...if you see something, say something."

The National Homeland Security Conference runs June 6 through June 8 in Buffalo.

The conference has met in various cities like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Columbus and San Antonio.

Next year's conference is already set for New York City.