BUFFALO, N.Y. - Federal budget cuts came as a surprise to 19-workers at one halfway house in the city of Buffalo.

Buffalo Halfway House on Glenwood Avenue houses over 50 inmates (men and woman) that were released from federal prison.

Staff received a letter from the Bureau of Prisons notifying them the house will closed at the end of the year. When the halfway house closes on December 31, residents will either return to prison or go to a halfway house in Rochester or Pittsburgh.

In a statement, Judy DeWald, Board Chair of Buffalo Halfway House, Inc. wrote:

The staff at the Buffalo Halfway House is focused on servicing our residents and preparing them for whatever transition awaits them, as determined by the Bureau of Prisons. We are being told that our facility will be closing by the end of the year.

We are proud of the contributions we have made to our community (for the past 44 years) in helping men and women reunite with their families and prepare for employment, following their sentences.

We sincerely hope that the halfway house model within the criminal justice system remains a priority for our current policy makers.