BUFFALO, NY — Officer Craig Lehner is being honored by his fellow first responders. On Wednesday, Buffalo Firefighters remembered and honored him, by hanging purple bunting above the front doors of Buffalo Police headquarters, and the K-9 unit building that Lehner worked out of.

"It's an unfortunate tradition I'm in my 30th year here I don't ever remember it being another way," said Chief Peter Kertzie of the Buffalo Fire Department, "that's what we do, you mark where the person works, you could even mark their rig for us or mark his police car, but you just want to mark it."

Kertzie hopes this provides at least some comfort to members of the police force and Lehner's family and friends.

"Anything we can do, like if it's putting that bunting up on their stations, we'll go right out and do it just so it's not something they don't have to think about," Kertzie said.

Police said in a news conference Wednesday they very much appreciate the gesture.

We're also learning more about plans for Officer Lehner's funeral.

Police say two officers have been assigned to work with Lehner's family to make the funeral and burial arrangements, which are underway. Lt. Jeff Rinaldo says Lehner's funeral will probably happen next week.

A candlelight vigil had been scheduled for Wednesday night, but city officials say that has been canceled and they will focus on the funeral arrangements. This isn't to say that a vigil couldn't be held by the public.

The 105th Military Police Company, where Lehner was assigned as a staff sergeant in the Army National Guard will have some sort of remembrance but details haven't been set.