BUFFALO, NY-- The Buffalo City Mission celebrated its 100'th year serving the homeless community.

The mission started in 1917 with Billy Sunday, who raised $8,400 during a gathering at the old baseball park on Ferry Street.

The City Mission currently has 150 beds at their West Tupper location, and at Cornerstone Manor, they house about a hundred women and their children.

The executive director of the City Mission says their goal is to help the homeless get back into society.

"We have to get these people back on their feet. It's not just about food shelter and clothing, it's about making sure they have the education so they can apply for living wage jobs and they can get back out into the community. That's what they want to do," says Stuart Harper, Executive Director, CEO Buffalo City Mission.

When we asked about the possibility of a new facility for the shelter, Harper says they will have news in the near future.