BUFFALO, N.Y. — When the Erie County Legislature starts its session in 2018, Democrats will have the majority.

It's the first time in four years the democratic will hold the majority.

It happened after Republican incumbent Legislator Ted Morton (R-8th District) — who represents Alden, Lancaster and part of Cheektowaga — lost to Democrat John Bruso.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz released the following a statement to 2 On Your Side.

The shift in the Legislature to a Democratic majority means that I will have more partners who will work for the betterment of Erie County as a whole, and that we will be able to discuss and explore items that up until now have been stalled. A new policy on ethics is still waiting to be considered and will now hopefully be moving forward, as will a fair housing policy that my administration has proposed. I look forward to working with not only the new Democratic majority but also the Republican minority to advance policies that benefit the entire community.

The current Republican Legislature Chairman John Mills is concerned since the Democrat County Executive will have a legislature majority of the same party.

“He's going to ramrod everything he can through. They're going to rubber stamp everything, hopefully we can get a vote from the other side of the aisle that contains his aggressive spending," Mills said.

Jeremy Zellner, Erie County Democratic Committee Chair, said "picking up the Erie County majority in the Legislature was a huge thing for our community and you're going to see it real soon when we take that over."

Right now, the Republicans have 6 to 5 majority — that will switch in January.