“No way. No how.”

That’s what Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said Wednesday when asked if he would have green lighted

the city police department’s assistance with a short-film which included a scene where illegal drugs were used.

Brown says he was approached by producers who wanted to shoot “Blink of an Eye” in Buffalo.

The film is largely a fictional story about a woman lapsing into heroin addiction after getting

hooked on legally prescribed pain medications.

“There was a meeting with the producer of the film and this was reviewed. We didn’t anticipate

that there would be any issue that would put a police officer in a compromising position,” Brown said.

A scene at the end of the film cuts to Robert Sagliani in a restroom at the Main Place Mall. In the

sequence, Sagliani produces a small bag of powder, snorts a small amount of it and then

quickly goes about the process of loading a syringe for injection.

A source with knowledge of an internal investigation by the Buffalo Police Department says

Officer Liz Baker introduced Sagliani to the film-makers. Baker also scouted the mall as a

filming location and secured access for the crew. But the source insists Baker was not there at

the time the drug-use was recorded and did not know that was what was going to happen at the location.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn has ordered his office to monitor the police internal

probe and says if Baker knew that there would be illegal drugs used at the movie shoot, she

should be fired.

Late this afternoon, 2 On-Your-Side heard from the attorney for the movie’s writer/director Greg


Aaron Glazer says his client specifically instructed Sagliani not to use drug on the set, but he

did so anyway and that use was captured by the film crew.

Despite the reported warning to Sagliani, the scene wound up in the movie anyway.

You can watch the full interview with Mayor Brown below.