BUFFALO, N.Y. - When Angela Burgin Logan was pregnant, doctors dismissed her health issues as that of a nervous new mom-to-be. It wasn't, she had a disorder known as preeclampsia. Now her near fatal experience is the subject of a book and movie.

"I had a case of preeclampsia that went undiagnosed," she said during an interview in her Williamsville home. "I actually was suffering from heart failure.It caused me to be induced into a coma, I was suffering from heart, lung and kidney failure, my chances of survival was only 20%."

Logan survived and hopes to inspire others through her movie and book called Breathe. "It's really a rallying call for women, specifically for moms. What I'm really trying to do is have women and moms listen to their bodies and their intuition."

In her words, she "turned a mess into a message." The movie can be seen on Netflix.

Her husband, actor, singer, producer Samson Logan plays himself in the movie. He calls his wife "a pretty amazing woman, first of all it takes somebody real strong to deal with something like that and have faith to come through it."

The Williamsville North and Syracuse grad said "for me to have survived a near death experience, it was really that call that prompted my spirit that I survived, not only to be a mom, but to share this story with the hope that it would change the outcome for other women and their families."

Logan is believed to be the first woman to create a dramatic film about maternal health with international distribution.

Her book Breathe comes out on March 14.

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