BUFFALO, N.Y. -- People representing several community stakeholder groups met Tuesday night to find out more about the Black Rock Harbor revitalization proposal.

The group, Western Scajaquada Coalition, has a $150 million plan to add residential, recreational and manufacturing sites to the area.

This could also include disconnecting the 198 from the 190.

"The reaction has been extremely positive. I think people are really beginning to envision a new possibility of what this community could look like," says Mary Ann Kedron with the Western Scajaquada Coalition. "Our biggest challenge is to have the time to meet with all of the community players. People like Buff State, people like the Albright Knox, people like our community members, all of our different block club members and things, but people are not saying no, they're saying when."

The plan is still in its very early stages. The Western Scajaquada Coalition welcomes more feedback.