BUFFALO, NY - At several community centers on the eastside of Buffalo, dozens of teens came out for a little basketball Saturday.

This is the first time the "Stop the Madness" basketball tournament was held.

Buffalo police and the Buffalo Fire Department partnered with several city council members to run the tourney, to help build relationships with teens and have some fun. We caught up with some of the action at the Edward Saunders Community Center on Bailey Ave.

"The interaction with the community is on a positive note and when the police come around it shouldn't be a bad situation all the time, this is a real nice event for police doing a nice job in the community," said Buffalo police chief Carmen Menza.

And there were some raffles as well -- including bikes that were given away. Games Saturday were also held at the Delevan-Grider and Pratt Willard community centers. The championship game will be Sunday.