NIAGARA COUNTY, N.Y.-- The Niagara County Department of Health investigated a report that a baby raccoon was touched by several individuals at Mr. Quiggleys Saloon in Lockport.

The Department found that the baby raccoon was one of 13 found on Donner Road in the Town of Pendleton, 12 of which were put down and sampled for rabies, along with another dead raccoon. 12 raccoons tested negative for rabies. The dead raccoon could not be accurately tested.

“Due to the fact these animals were handled, they had to be tested. If the raccoons were not touched, they would not have to be euthanized and tested,” said Paul Dicky, director of the Environmental Health Division.

Anyone who had physical contact with the baby raccoon at the saloon is asked to contact the Niagara County Department of Health at 716-439-7444.