BATAVIA, N.Y. - An Australian man who was arrested at the U.S. border in an unusual case with international attention is now free.

26 year old Baxter Reid was detained at the Lewiston-Queenston bridge in late April because he was accused of overstaying his U.S. visa. He had tried to cross into Canada with the idea it could restart his VISA permitted time limit of 6 Months. But he was denied entry by the Canadians . He then returned to the U.S. side of the border. He technically missed his deadline by 90 minutes but Customs & Border Protection says they had to take him into custody.

Today an immigration court released him on a $500 bond and with the order he leave the U.S. within 120 days.

He originally faced deportation with more potential time in detention which is case was processed. Reid's attorney, immigration legal specialist Julie Kruger, said her client was somewhat frustrated by the experience because he had no criminal record and no prior immigration issues but she was pleased the court promptly moved his case along.

He told 2 on Your Side "Just glad to be out and that it ended OK. I love America it's fantastic. Just had a bit of a bad time at the end that's all."

Reid's girlfriend, who is from New York City, says they intend to fly back to Australia later this week.

People in Australia contributed to cover his legal bills. A crew from an Australian news network was actually in Batavia today to cover his hearing.