BATAVIA, N.Y. -- A 26-year-old Australian man is facing an issue in WNY at one of our border crossings with Canada. 

26-year-old Baxter Reid is at the Batavia Detention Facility after he was taken into custody April 24th by Customs and Protection Officers at the Lewiston Queenston Bridge. 

His attorney says Reid, for some reason, was denied entry into Canada as he tried to meet his visa requirements to leave this country and was forced to return to the U.S. side. 

His attorney says he is charged with overstaying his six-month VISA, but really it was only a 90-minute period of time. She also says while he did cut it close to the limit he had actually left the country before to visit Mexico in December.

"He is very frustrated with what has happened," Reid's Attorney Julie Kruger said. "He is not a criminal and he certainly does not want to be detained. And he's very grateful for the support that he has received from friends, from family members and from people all around the world."

A GoFundMe page for Reid has raised more than $10,000 to help cover his legal fees. 

Reid faces a May 10th hearing in Immigration Court in Batavia.