BUFFALO, NY -- For the men and women serving overseas in the military, finding ways to relieve stress can be a challenge. Turns out, hitting golf balls is a great way for some soldiers to unwind.

Buffalo attorney Joe Hanna, an avid golfer, read about this and was moved to start Bunkers In Baghdad.

"I love our military and I am very passionate about the game of golf," he says.

The organization collects new and slightly used golf clubs and balls and sends them to troops serving in places like Kuwait and Iraq.

Bunkers In Baghdad has gone global, with the help of donations, from equipment manufacturers, every day golfers and school kids near and far.

"Anything from home I think is important for anyone who is over-seas, they appreciate it," says John Williams, a veteran who has donated thousands of golf balls to Bunkers In Baghdad. "When I was over-seas, I'd get a package from home it was the greatest thing in the world."

Eight years on, the organization has shipped 8 million golf balls overseas. If you would like to help Joe and Bunkers In Baghdad, you can visit www.Bunkersinbaghdad.com.