LEWISTON, N.Y. - Around a thousand people were out of a show Saturday, and those expected to perform in it received late notice of its cancellation.

The Lorraine Goddard Dance School, a studio based in Tonawanda, had a recital scheduled to happen at ArtPark Saturday.

But ArtPark ran into electrical problems Friday night and Saturday morning, so it was canceled early Saturday morning.

Sonia Clark, ArtPark's Executive Director, said the issues were "beyond ArtPark's control," and had to do with the age of structures at ArtPark, some around 40 years old.

Members of the dance studio say ArtPark did tell them Friday that a transformer blew, but that the concert venue was running a generator, and everything was fine.

It was Saturday morning, when technical issues apparently were not resolved, resulting in ArtPark canceling the recital.

Meanwhile, family and dancers of a show scheduled to start at 11 a.m. had already started showing up -- some in costume. They got the bad news via a sign posted on ArtPark's doors and box office.

Clark said in a statement they emailed Goddard management about the cancelation Friday morning around 8:10 a.m.; right after the decision was sealed by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, which has authority over the park.

Although ArtPark said they reached out right after they received the news the concert would have to be canceled, Karla Goddard Feather, Goddard Dance Studio Director who says she's worked at ArtPark for 15 years, is disappointed in their communication.

"This is the first time anything like this has happened," she said. "So it's more stressful. It's very disappointing to me, and I'm just very disappointed for all the kids."

ArtPark Executive Director Sonia Clark said a physical phone call was not made to relay the information about the recital's cancelation, because she was trying to communicate from home, and did not have the Dance Studio's phone number with her.

However, Karla still feels ArtPark staff could have tried harder, considering staff members were seen at the venue Saturday.

ArtPark said in an emailed statement that they're working to reschedule the recital as soon as possible. Clark also said she doesn't believe the technical issue will affect other events scheduled at the park at this point, however the issue will continue to be investigated Monday.