BUFFALO, N.Y. - Buffalo is home to the world's largest collection of grain elevators. Now a local architectural firm hopes to breathe new life into silos built in the late 1800's on Elk Street.

Young and Wright is the company leading the project at the old Buffalo Malting Company silos and plant on Elk Street. It's been vacant since the late 80's.

They're looking at commercial space and some residential space. The prime space will be in the three-story malt house.

It's located in an area between Larkinville and Pegulaville in South Buffalo - The Valley.

The price tab is about $1.8 million. The original building was constructed in 1898. The silos came around the 1920's.

They hope to start work this year once they receive the green light from the Buffalo Planning Board. That could come as early as next Tuesday.