BUFFALO, NY — The threatening nature of the conversation between the U.S. and North Korea has a lot of people worried about the reality of nuclear retaliation with the use of such weapons.

Even though U.S. leaders, and even the governor of Guam, are telling citizens that they are safe, not everyone is convinced we'll stay safe if threats or their consequential actions were to accelerate.

Members of the Western New York Peace Center gathered in the Elmwood Village today to remind people that a nuclear strike would be catastrophic.

The group of about 20 say they want to encourage peaceful talks and discourage all forms of warfare.

One protestor recently came back from Japan, where he said learning about Hiroshima and Nagasaki has made it abundantly clear that bombs only create devastation.

"We got elections ahead of us, but what's more important, we got people who understand that we do not need to be playing this bully game of threatening the world with nuclear weapons," said Jim Anderson, President of Peace Action New York.