BUFFALO, N.Y. - The mother of the boy attacked by two Rottweilers in Niagara Falls earlier this week says her son is showing signs of improvement despite his extensive and serious injuries.

Kaeden Mitchell's mother tells 2 On Your Side doctors removed his feeding tube and took him off the breathing machine Saturday morning. She said he is talking: he said he's hungry and asked what happened to him because he doesn't remember.

He was also taken out of a medically induced coma, though he remains slightly sedated to help keep him comfortable.

He had another surgery Friday afternoon to repair damage to the back of his head.

The secondary surgery was to clean out the wound more thoroughly. She said his initial surgery was to stop bleeding and tend to immediate critical injuries. Friday's surgery took place at Women and Children's Hospital.

The boy, 7, was taken to Gates Vascular Institute by ambulance Thursday so doctors could places stents in his neck. The attack damaged arteries in his neck, and the procedure allows him to get more adequate blood flow to his brain. He is also on blood thinners to help. Doctors are also concerned about a potential stroke.

He has more than 200 stitches and staples. His mother said he was bitten all over his body, but the most extensive injuries are to his head and face. Doctors had to sew his eyelids and reattach part of his ear. In her words, his head was "shredded."

Mitchell's mother said she doesn't blame the dogs' owner -- a friend who she considers to be like family. She said she wasn't able to sleep until the dogs were euthanized.

She said her main focus is her son's health. She hasn't left his side since he was brought to the hospital. She said she is "never leaving him alone ever again."