ALDEN, N.Y. -- The Alden school board unanimously decided Thursday night during an executive session to go on the record as opposing Betsy DeVos as the President's pick for Secretary of Education.

Alden is a district of around 1700 students and 160 instructional staff members. The school board is made up of mostly current and former educators. The board president is a teacher, and says the board is worried DeVos will cut funding and push for a voucher system for charter schools.

Alden voters overwhelmingly supported President Trump in November. He got 68-percent of the votes there. Hillary Clinton got 25-percent.

"It wasn't about politics, it is about education and we wanted to move on it quickly because we knew this decision was being made, and we didn't want to wait until our next meeting to decide to move forward it would've been too late. Now is when Senators and legislators need to hear our voices, and it's not a political statement against Trump. It is a statement about education and standing behind what we believe in," says Alden School Board President Jill Hopcia.

Supporters of DeVos are also speaking up. Betty Lou McLaughlin told us on twitter, "of course they don't support DeVos. They are a public school and fear the impact of charter and private schools."

The final Senate vote for DeVos' confirmation is scheduled for Tuesday.