ALBANY, N.Y. -- Increasing funding for charter schools is one of the items still under intense discussion for lawmakers in Albany as they work to iron out the state’s budget, which is already late. 

Governor Cuomo proposed a $1 billion-dollar increase in education funding, up to $25.6 billion dollars, but State Senate Republicans, citing calls for school choice, are also pushing for more money for charter schools by ending an aid cap on such funding. 
This past week, during her City Hall visit, 2 On Your Side asked Randi Weingarten, national President of the American Federation of Teachers Union, about charter schools. She criticized the Trump Administration's Education Secretary.       
“Charters were not supposed to be entities that competed with public schools, that drained money from public schools,” Weingarten said. “They were supposed to be incubators. And what we have in Betsy Devos -- I saw it first hand in Michigan was to use charters -- to weaponize charters -- as a way of draining public schools, neighborhood public schools of the funds that they needed to destabilize them."
Critics point out that the state of New York spends over $22,500 per pupil, far exceeding any other state even with lingering concerns over graduation rates.