NIAGARA FALLS, NY — The 8th annual Red, White & Blue Gala was held Friday at the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino.

The night helps raise funds for Western New York Heroes, which addresses the needs of local veterans through programs like service dog training, mortgage and rent payment assistance.

"Seeing everybody come out to support what we're doing just goes to show that they're here to support what we're doing, because we're doing it. we're not saying we're doing it, we're actually doing it, and we're staying true to their donation," said Chris Kreiger, Western New York Heroes President.

Kreiger was one of three to receive the Service and Dedication and Sacrifice Award. Patrick Kavanagh and Lynn Magistrale also received the award.

Barbara Oliver was given the Commendation Award and Kavanagh was named the Buffalo News Veteran of the Year.