EVANS, N.Y. -- A historic Western New York structure is on the receiving end of a generous state grant.

$3.7 million are headed to the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Graycliff Manor in Evans.

For two decades, the Graycliff Conservancy has been raising money and slowly restoring the home.

Back in 2015, people involved in the restoration said that work was already nearing completion.

"The idea was we would probably continue to do it in pieces as we have over twenty years," said Robert Wooler, Executive Director of the Graycliff Conservancy. "And we were kind of resigned to that and then, all of the sudden, the opportunity for inclusion in the Buffalo Billion and a more major investment from the state presented itself. And obviously that was such a relief for us."

Improvements at the top of the list include access to the beach, where there used to be a catwalk out to a stairwell.