WILLIAMSVILLE, N,Y. -- Community members from various backgrounds came together Sunday morning to spread some Thanksgiving spirit to the less fortunate.

They distributed more than 500 complete Thanksgiving dinners for the 31st annual Turkey Basket Project at Williamsville's North Presbyterian Church. They also provided extra supplements to over 600 families.

Each complete dinner includes a frozen turkey, canned fruits, canned vegetables, cranberry sauce, potatoes, stuffing rolls and a dessert.

The project involved not only members of the North Presbyterian Church, but also Temple Shir Shalom and Temple Beth Zion. Members of the three congregations provide food and money to make each basket and solicit donations from local businesses and organizations.

Sunday, the local businesses and organizations gathered to pick up each of the baskets volunteers had put together the day before.

Donations also come from many local organizations who support the project, such as the Rotary Club, Amherst Presbyterian Church, Girl Scout Troops, and Williamsville High School, whose students sponsors a food drive.

Cindy Adams, the project's co-chair, said the project has grown remarkably since its start more than three decades ago.

"The first year they put together 50 baskets and this year we are providing complete dinners to 550 people," she said. "...Which is what our goal is always to do, you know, bring a comfortable, cozy and happy Thanksgiving to anyone who needs it."