BUFFALO, NY — If you hate household chores, you're definitely not alone. The good news is there is now an app for that.

It's called Takl (pronounced tackle). and as the name implies. it allows you to outsource those pesky household chores on-demand to others in the community willing to tackle them for you — for a fee.

At face value, it's a win-win for everyone involved. You, or your business, save time and money. And local folks looking for a side job, can make some extra cash; doing everything from cleaning, mowing lawns, and hauling trash.

The app is now available in 36 states and 51 major metropolitan areas.

Some areas of Western New York have just recently rolled it out. This means, Takl providers who are signed up and background checked, will be available for services in Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Grand Island, North Tonawanda and West Seneca.

But Cosimo Capozzi, the building inspector in North Tonawanda, has a warning before you hit that accept button.

"If they step onto your property and they have no insurance and they get hurt, or do damage to your property...the homeowner is going to be covering the expenses."

2 On Your Side spoke with him and a number of folks working in building, licensing, and code enforcement around the region. They all say, depending on where you live or what you need done around your property, a permit might be required.

"Most of what they're offering are small repairs, nothing that would need a permit or an inspection," Capozzi said. "But still, as a homeowner, beware. Get an insurance certificate. You have a right to ask for a copy of their insurance certificates."

If you decide to use TAKL, Capozzi says you can always check with your local building department to confirm if the provider you use already has a good or bad reputation in the area.

2 On Your Side reached out to Takl directly about these concerns and they sent us the following statement:

Takl is a platform that connects background checked providers with other app users who need help with small household chores. Our most popular jobs include cleaning, yard work, and hauling off unwanted items. Our average job fee is under $100.00.

We are diligent in our efforts to exclude from the app any jobs that require a permit and/or should be performed by a licensed professional. Local requirements vary by city, county and state. If we are offering a service that violates a local ordinance, we will happily remove it from our platform in that jurisdiction.

All incoming job orders are reviewed by our field operations team before being submitted to available providers. We make every effort to intercept orders that are beyond the scope of our platform or run afoul of local licensing or permitting requirements. The Takl app was launched in Buffalo yesterday, but no jobs have been approved in that area as of this time.

Those who use the platform to find work are self-employed and responsible for providing their own insurance.

To further clarify, we offer the Takl Guarantee on all jobs. If a customer is not satisfied with the work performed by their provider, we will work with them to make it right. We also have secondary insurance in the event of damage to a customer's home or property.