TRIMBLE CO., Ky. (WHAS11) -- “This is the help. We're part of the solution,” said Ellie Troutman, Windy Meadows Equestrian Center.

Fourteen horses were rescued from a farm in Trimble County. Their ribs were visible and many of them were pregnant, but these horses were the lucky ones.

Suspect taken into custody, charged with animal abuse in Trimble Co.

“You hear about it and you don't think it's going to happen in your area then once it comes across, it's a huge shock,” said Dan Flinkfelt, Henry County Animal Control.

Nineteen horses, 15 rabbits and three goats were found dead on the property which is about an hour from downtown Louisville. Some of the animals diminished to nothing but skeletal remains. Officials tell us the property owner says she rescued the horses.

“When we see situations like this it tears us up. We just go home and play with our animals a little more and hold our families a little tighter,” Flinkfelt said.

Rescued horses recovering in Oldham Co., KY

It was a shocking discovery but animal control officials and the rescue group from La Grange had been waiting for the moment they could get onto the property and save the others.

“We just received it. We are hopefully going to save some horses,” said Russell Spaulding, Trimble County Animal Control.

WHAS11 was there the moment they received the search warrant.

“It literally just made my day. I've been standing out here since we started this process,” Spaulding said.

Animal control officials immediately began their search, and within minutes people from the Windy Meadows Equestrian Center were there.

“We have a vet standing by in Oldham County ready to look at everybody. We'll do a slow feed back, which is grass, hay and water, and you'll see a huge change,” Troutman said.

Wrangled and led to the trailer, these 14 horses made their way to a new home and a new life.

“The owner of this property and these animals could be facing a number of charges that come with hefty fines and possible jail time if found guilty.

Windy Meadows Equestrian Center plans to set up an account for anyone who would like to donate to the 14 horses who were rescued.

Here's how you can help:

- Go to any Stock Yards Bank location and donate money there. You can donate by naming the Windy Meadows Equestrian Center.

- You can also contact the owner of the farm at