BUFFALO, NY - He's a WNY native with a story of fame, fortune, fall, and forgiveness.

Former Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Lex Luger had it all, he was on top of his game in the wrestling ring, making millions, and living in the fast lane with fame and fortune. In the late 80's and throughout the '90's, Luger, whose real name is Lawrence Pfohl, made it big in WWE and WCW. He even beat Hulk Hogan on National TV to win the WCW World Title, which arguably was the pinnacle of his career.

But Luger's success in the ring did not equal success outside of the ring. After a spinal injury left him dependent on a wheelchair, he became addicted to opioids and spent time in jail, time that he says saved his life.

While in jail, Luger met a pastor who eventually became his friend, and led him to live a life for God.

Lex says he's now a changed man, enjoying a much simpler life in the Buffalo area, living with his mother and spending most of his free time helping others at his church.

Clips of WGRZ Anchor Scott Levin's full interview with Lex Luger are below.

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