BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Potential solutions to a very big problem in Buffalo and Erie County were discussed Thursday night at a town hall on lead poisoning prevention.

A couple dozen people went to the town hall to listen and give their opinions about this problem. It's a problem our partners at Investigative Post have been reporting on for years.

The goal coming out of the meeting is to form a community action plan on how to prevent lead poisoning, especially from water and paint.

One thing Rochester did early on was to create that plan, and that set the stage for reforms that are now in place. Also, representatives from Rochester said that it was important for all community groups and government representatives to work together.

Sam Magavern from the Partnership for the Public Good helped organize Thursday's forum.

"There are some real specific things like about what housing units they are able to inspect there, and we might not do the identical thing here, but they're good lessons to learn from," says Magavern.

He says the goal is to finish coming up with the plan by late summer or early fall.