YOUNGSTOWN, N.Y. -- A jet boat company based out of Youngstown has refused to comment on community concerns raised about the speed at which boats are traveling through the Niagara River.

In Lewiston, Village officials called on boaters to slow down so that wakes created by speed boats won't add to the shoreline flooding and erosion.

To recap the past several weeks of reporting, high waters have caused significant erosion along the Niagara River and Lake Ontario.

In Lewiston, several docks are total losses, and property owners are trying to save what's left with sandbags.

Residents say the wakes created by boats traveling at high speeds are making matters worse, and have specifically pointed fingers at Niagara Jet Adventures.

Exactly one month since Channel 2 first reached out to Niagara Jet Adventures, we went to try and speak with someone in person.

The first employee told reporter Erica Brecher, “You’re not welcome here,” and walked away.

Another employee aggressively grabbed the lens of a Channel 2 photographer’s camera and said “no comment” while asking the crew to leave.

Recently, the Department of Transportation put a new sign at the base of a boat launch, which calls for a "no wake zone" 600 feet out from shore, but it was unclear as of Friday if that applies to charter jet tours as well.

We have reached out to the DOT for clarification.