JAMESTOWN, N.Y.--- 87 Western New Yorkers are expected to lose their jobs as MD Electronics prepares to move its operations out of the area.

Details about the move are still unclear, but notices have been given to workers.

Republican Tom Reed released a statement Tuesday night:

"The trend of moving good paying jobs out of the country needs to end. This move is not fair to the 87 hardworking employees of MD Electronics, who will soon be out of a paycheck due to no fault of their own. We must work together to find a way to reform our broken tax, trade and regulatory codes that incentivize companies to uproot and move operations out of the US. This is also a direct result of the unfavorable business climate in New York State. Having seen firsthand the work ethic of these employees, I will make sure MD Electronics does not leave their workers in a lurch and that the company upholds their prior commitments to each and every employee."