“It’s been a very good disco season."

James Walaski-Miller looks a bit tired. For the last month he and his husband, Alan, have been putting in long hours, 7-days a week helping fans of the World's Largest Disco get dressed.

Today is the day before the hugely popular annual Buffalo tribute to disco. It is Disco Eve. So, folks have been pouring into Miss Josie's Antiques to sift through racks of vintage clothing looking for the perfect get-up to boogie-down in.

“We do on average of a thousand outfits the last two days between today and tomorrow,” says James.

Looking for a polyester shirt. They have them. Knee-high zebra print boots? Got those, too. They even have on display a rather short, yellow dress complete with feather boa.

Nicolette Aquilina was wandering around the shop late this afternoon. She was waiting in line for a dressing room to try on three different outfits. She's off to the disco celebration Saturday night and was not about to leave the store without proper attire.

“Look around they have excellent products to choose from. I mean this is probably by far one of the best thrift shops I’ve ever seen,” says Aquilina.

Normally, Miss Josie's would close down at 6pm on a Friday. But, not during Disco Season.

James explains, “We’re here ’til the last person leaves.”

And it's another long day tomorrow, Disco Day.

Some shoppers will buy, put on and go directly to the World's Largest Disco. James and Alan love the event, but they're not going.

“We don’t go. We’re too tired. It’s been a long month and it’s very, very busy these last two days. “When tomorrow night hits, we go out and we have a nice dinner,” says James.

After, James says he tries to catch the late news on TV and see how many outfits he can spot among the dancers at the disco.