The BHMA's bed bug problem is wide-spread. The housing authority acknowledges that since January of 2015, it has had reports of bed bugs at 28 of 33 properties. After that specifics on the problem start fading.

It says most properties have only seen one or two cases. And that buildings with high numbers of housing units (10 or more) have had the greatest concentration of cases.

No details have been offered on which properties have seen bed bugs or where the BMHA trouble spots are for these insects.

But public housing residents continue to call. At the Sedita Apartments, residents confirmed to 2 On-Your-Side that a building-wide extermination for bed bugs took place in February.

And we've learned a substantial extermination effort is planned for the LBJ Apartments.

2 On-Your-Side asked again today for more information to help clarify the depth of BHMA's bed bug issues, but we were told executive director Dawn Sanders-Garrett was not available.