Kerry and Pat O'Brien of Angola were facing a serious financial challenge.

On Wednesday, Kerry was down to her last dose of Butrin and was looking to refill her prescription.

“My insurance changed February 1st and (Butrin) went up. My pharmacist said, 'You know, it's now going to be $935 for a 30-day supply' ", Kerry said.

Kerry had tried the generic substitute but found it did not work for her. So, she began researching on-line pharmacies when her mother gave her a heads-up, "“My mother said (2 On-Your-Side was) going to have a story, so wait and I


Our story titled, 'The Canadian Remedy', showed how Western New Yorkers can potentially save hundreds, even thousands by purchasing their prescription drugs in Canada.

After seeing our story, Kerry took a drive to Fort Erie and in two-hours returned through US customs with a five-month supply of her medication for a little over $200.

Her husband Pat O'Brien said, “So, we went from $935 dollars a month to $200 dollars for five

months.We figured it out. It’s roughly a savings of about $4,500 dollars."

The O'Briens are thrilled with the savings.