BUFFALO, N.Y. - Buffalo firefighters are investigating what started a large house fire that spread to two other buildings early Sunday morning.

It happened around midnight on Lakeview Avenue.

Firefighters say the home was engulfed in flames when they got there, and the fire spread to a garage and cottage home in back.

The chief told 2 On Your Side firefighters heard a large boom when they got to the scene, but they're still unsure what caused it. They say it could have been tires or a propane tank exploding.

Neighbors say the house was vacant, but they were concerned there may have been illegal drug activity taking place inside.

Buffalo Fire took extra precautions and called out their hazardous materials team to standby.

"We started the search [because] we had a report from some neighbors who thought there was a meth lab inside somewhere. We take the report seriously," said Division Chief Peter Kertzie.

No meth lab was found. No one was hurt. The division chief said there was about $100,000 worth of damage.