ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. - High winds caused heavy damage in many parts of the Southtowns Wednesday.

Orchard Park Police issued a travel advisory in the afternoon and asked drivers to refrain from unnecessary travel south of 20A due to numerous downed wires, downed trees, and debris in the road.

A 60-70 ft. tree snapped near its base and fell on a home on California Road. The homeowners were home at the time, but fortunately no one was hurt. The tree tore a large hole in the roof.

Downed trees and wires blocked off a portion of Scherff Road in the south part of town. Tree cutting crews removed the trees from the road and waited for power companies to repair wires.

In the Town of Boston, Cole Road was closed between Wohlhueter and Boston Cross Roads due to four power poles that snapped and were stretched across the road.

East Aurora dispatchers said they were very busy with calls.

Sure enough, damage had taken its toll on Robert Glor's property on Girard Avenue.

All of a sudden I heard this loud crack, and as that happened, I looked out my window, and the tree had fallen landed on the car, landed on the garage. It was shocking, frankly,” Glor said.

A huge tree did serious damage to car, breaking his windshield and denting the hood. The tree also made a mess of his yard.

"We found someone who was able to come right away to start cleaning out some of the debris, try to get the car out of the way. All in all, it went very well. So, are you happy to see these things? No, but they happen, and what are you going to do?” Glor said.

Not far from there, road blocks were popped up in Marilla.

One of the largest trees took our one of the largest power lines right in front of the fire department.

"Pretty much in the center of our town,” said fire chief William Blarr. “These are very big power lines, so the power has been cut off, I believe back to the substation, but we still have a lot of wires around that we're not quite sure if they have power going to them.”

Blarr said firefighters have cleared as many trees as possible, but there are still areas that are unsafe.

“We're trying to maintain these checkpoints that we feel are the most dangerous ones like the one we have here.”

He said much of Marilla is without power.