BUFFALO - Researchers at Roswell Park are looking to break ground with a new immunotherapy study in the fight against cancer.

The goal is to basically arm a patient's immune systems with additional firepower against tumors.

Other cancer centers are trying similar approaches, but Roswell says this one is unique in the sense that it re-programs immune cells with two genes. One gene helps the cell destroy the tumor. The other gene helps the cell defend itself against attack as the cancer cells effectively try to defend themselves.

This type of treatment has been effective in the past against leukemia and lymphoma, but now doctors say they're hoping to have success against solid tumors as a result of this trial.

The trial is expected to include 24 patients and began back in August. It should run for two to three years.

Roswell Park says some local funding raised at events like All-Star Night, Bald for Bucks, and the Ride for Roswell will help support the trial.