NIAGARA FALLS, NY-- Residents in Niagara County will have a chance to weigh-in on the expansion of a methadone clinic in Niagara Falls.

A public hearing will be held tonight for residents to discuss their opinions on the proposed expansion by Northpointe Council.

Last month, lawmakers passed legislation to allow Niagara County to sign a 20-year lease with Northepointe Council-- which runs the medical facility in the Trott Center.

Despite having all the necessary approvals from state and federal regulators, and a signed lease on the building, Niagara Falls city officials, including Mayor Paul Dyster, called on Northpointe to move elsewhere.

Dyster has questioned whether placing a methadone clinic would hurt a neighborhood the city had invested millions to rehab housing. The city also offered alternative space at the Niagara Business Center on Buffalo Avenue. After examining the option, Northpointe rejected it.

The public hearing is at 6pm tonight at the County Legislature at 175 Hawley Street. The full legislature will vote on the lease tonight.