BUFFALO, N.Y. - Roswell Park Cancer Institute is teaming up with some of the world's leading cancer researchers to develop new, personalized cancer treatments.

The new collaboration is know as the Tumor neoantigEn SeLection Alliance, or TESLA. It includes 30 of the world's leading cancer neoantigen research groups.

Neoantigens are genetic mutations in cancer cells. Scientists and doctors are trying to better identify and understand these unique cancer markers so they can create a vaccine to target those specific genetic changes. The vaccines would stimulate the immune system to fight the cancer.

The treatment would be personalized to each person's specific needs, and it could mean faster treatment with fewer side effects.

The treatment would likely be used for patients who didn't see results with chemotherapy or radiation and would likely be paired with other immunotherapy options.

Roswell Park was chosen to be a part of the collaboration because of their previous work with immunotherapy for cancer patients.

The institute hopes to launch a clinical trial by the end of 2017 or early 2018.