GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When you mention February 14th, most people think of Valentine's Day. But folks across the country are celebrating for another reason: it's National Organ Donor Day.

Sisters in Greensboro celebrated both holidays on Tuesday.

"She's my forever Valentine," Joan Gordon said. "So today we get to celebrate not only our sisterly love, but also two decades with a new kidney."

More than 20 years ago, Joan's sister, Sharon Gordon, gave her a kidney.

"The doctors came in and explained that my kidneys were in total failure," Joan explained. "I ran to my sister and I was hysterical. She told me to calm down and that everything would be alright."

Without hesitation, Sharon went to the doctor to see if she was a match.

'Luckily I was," Sharon said. "There was no question, no reserve."

She donated her kidney to her sister, Joan, just days later.

Because of Sharon's donation, the two women have been able to live full lives, with families of their own.

But not everyone on the donor list is so lucky.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 120,000 people are waiting for a transplant across the country.

The Department estimates, 22 people die each day while waiting for a transplant.

The Gordon sisters hope their story will inspire others to consider becoming an organ donor.

"I just want people to understand how the gift of life can change a person forever. There is no greater love," Joan said.

CLICK HERE to register as an organ donor.

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