Let's be honest, most of us parents have handed our child a smart phone or tablet to get that moment of peace, right?
Well, no need to feel guilty anymore!
Child development experts have issued new recommendations for kids' media usage... with a shift to make moms and dads "media mentors".

Jenny Radesky, MD - C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, University of Michigan says: "Play the games together with your kids, look at social media together with your kids."

Previously, The American Academy of Pediatrics suggested no media before age 2... but now they say there's evidence toddlers as young as 18-months could learn and benefit from some forms of technology.... as long as parents are there to guide them and the technology isn't too overly stimulating.

However... the more time your kids spend using their digital devices ... the less likely they are to complete their homework.
A Brown University study found kids who spent two to four hours a day on digital media ... had 23-percent lower odds of finishing their homework ... compared to those who spent less than two hours a day.
And kids who spent four to six hours on a device ... were 49-percent less likely to finish their homework.

And although social media can be a great way to share the successes and struggles of our children... parents need to be careful about including too much information.
Researchers at the University of Florida remind parents to protect their child's online identity by knowing the privacy policies of the sites they use.
And remember to consider your children's feelings before posting about them.
Their digital identity will follow them through college and as they enter the job market.
Previous studies show one-third of children make their first appearance on social media sites within their first 24 hours of life.

(NBC Contributed)