With it being wedding season... we're going to focus today on marital health.
Even though your spouse can drive you crazy sometimes... there's new evidence showing that marriage could actually help save your life!
A new study of heart attack patients reveals married people were 14-percent less likely to die after the event than their single peers.
Married people also spent an average of two fewer days in the hospital after a heart attack.
Experts say these findings emphasize the importance of a spouse's support after a major illness.
Early discharge from the hospital could financially benefit the health care system plus reduce patients' risks of acquiring an infection in the hospital.

Alcohol abuse appears to be less likely among people who have tied the knot.
Data from over three million Swedish adults showed married men had a 60-percent lower risk and married women had a 71-percent lower risk of alcohol problems than their single peers.
The protective effects of marriage were even stronger for people with a family history of alcoholism.

And how you handle a maritial spat ... could predict your future health!
A study from Northwestern University found people -- especially men -- who scream and yell during a fight have an increased risk of chest pain or high blood pressure later in life.
On the other hand, those who shut down or withdraw from conflict -- are more likely to to have a bad back or stiff muscles.
Researchers say hotheads could benefit from anger management ... but it's equally important not to bottle up emotions during a disagreement.

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